Director of Bureau of Public Safety Cary Levitre

The interview promised by Director of Bureau of Public Safety Cary Levitre during a grant award ceremony on May 4th at the Office of the President was conducted last week by the Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior at the Eco Paradise FM, the local government media.
Answering questions about the legitimacy of the university he graduated from, Director Levitre said an interview is planned for him where he will disclose information about himself and his qualifications. Mr. Levitre added that information relating to who the interviewer is could not be released at that time.
Last week, during the Ministry of Justice program at the government radio station, Vice President and Minister of Justice Uduch Sengebau-Senior “introduced” the newly appointed Director Cary Levitre, discussing his resume of experiences and goals for the Bureau of Public Safety.
The interview focused on Mr.Levitre’s years of work experience in the military police as well as other security-related work. They also discussed what he had accomplished so far since he took over the work of the director of the Bureau of Public Safety.
Vice President Senior lauded and praised Director profusely for his work within the Bureau in the month he has been here and his private contributions to support the Bureau.
One of the accomplishments cited was relocating the Office of Narcotics (formerly NEA) and Office of Juvenile Justice to Maritime and Fish & Wildlife at Malakal, Koror. Director Levitre said this was a more efficient way to work, where they don’t have to waste time waiting for emails, rather they can just walk over next door to talk. This was praised too by the Minister of Justice as a cost-saving opportunity.
The “interview” covered other matters, including morale-building efforts and capacity-building work by the Director with police officers. It also covers processes that Director Levitre said he is putting in place to ensure transparency, such as digitizing information and allowing for access and shared information.
The talk show did not, however, clarify or address the questions posed earlier about his education degree and the university he graduated from. Vice President Sengebau-Senior had said during the Senate oversight hearing that the director position requires a bachelor’s degree and that only two of the police chiefs had degrees. The rest did not technically meet the Civil Service Plan job qualifications.
Mr. Levitre had earlier said that the university’s name was misplaced, that instead of Almeda University, it was spelled Alemeda, which confused the people.
Either way, only the College of Almeda exists in California. College of Almeda is in California, and Almeda University is in Bois, Idaho. Almeda University is said to provide “illegitimate degrees” and is banned in several States.
Director Levitre may be putting into place much-needed policies and improvements at the Bureau of Public Safety. Still, the question of the legitimacy of his education degree continues to hang over his work. A transcript, at least from his alma mater, could clear this cloud of doubt and allows for continued good work. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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