Kids cleaning fish during the Belau Summer Kids Program. (PR)

The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) and Airai State Government worked together to organize a Belau Kids  summer program from July 8 to July 12 where children were given an opportunity to spend five days learning more about Palauan culture, traditional knowledge and practices.

On the first day, the Belau kids were presented an introduction to basket weaving, spear making, traditional dance performances, chants, and storytelling.

On the second day, activities continued with grass skirt weaving, assembling miniature bamboo rafts, and later in the day, the girls had the opportunity to experience hands on demonstrations at the taro patch.

The third day concent rated on the historical landmarks near their location such as the Bai ra Rengara Irrai and then proceeded to a coastal cleanup at the Rock Islands in Airai.

The fourth day’s activities encompassed food preparation for both boys and girls. The girls learned how to prepare bilum and kukau while the boys focused on fish and pig preparation.

And finally, on the last day, our Belau Kids completed their food preparation, were awarded certificates for completing this program with great dedication, closed off the program by performing a chant and dances they learned earlier in the week, and then had the chance to try the food they all had prepared personally.

The core purpose of this program is fundamentally to keep our traditions alive by passing it on to our children. We hope to instilla sense of importance of our Palauan culture to younger generations, and to cultivate a yearning to learn more about our culture and traditional practices.

This camp could not have been as successful without the efforts and great support from our master teachers, parents, Airai State Government, Ms. Marilyn Kummerow of Parley, Sea passion, Fun Palau, and PPIT tours for donating life jackets. We at PVA also send warm thanks to First Lady Debbie Remengesau for the thoughtful gift bags, Surangel and Sons Co. for donating cake and ice cream, and Mr. Eric Hartge, Researcher of Stanford University for donating $100.00 to the program. (PR)