At the Palau Asia Pacific Air (PAPA) inaugural flight ceremony on February 2nd, Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) Chairman Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl took the opportunity as the key note speaker, to open the ceremony by reiterating three key elements of an effective tourist destination.

“We believe there are 3 “A’s” which make up the integral components of an effective tourist destination: Attraction, Accommodation and most important Access, in this case Air Access. Charter flights have been around since Palau opened its doors to tourism,” he said.

PVA Chairman continued by sharing two of our biggest challenges to this type of air access: 1. Transitioning to regular flights 2. Developing mechanisms online and otherwise for FIT’s or freely independent travelers to purchase tickets.

With all being said, it is our hope at PVA that PAPA work with Minister Obichang to solve these challenges.

PVA is a semi-autonomous body created by law to promote and encourage the development and marketing of tourism as one of the primary economic sectors of the Republic. For more information, please contact PVA at 488-1930/2793 or Email to (PR)