Palau closes off the Travel & Adventure Show series at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure show in Santa Clara, California from May 21-22, 2022. 

The Travel & Adventure Show is the largest & longest running series of travel shows in the U.S. The Bay Area Travel & Adventure show is the fourth show of the series where Palau has attended to target FIT (Freely Independent Travelers).

The Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show is the 4th show Palau has attended of the travel show series. Utilizing fellow Palauans near the show areas, Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) created the Palau International Tourism Ambassadors program to assist PVA at the Chicago, Washington D.C., Denver, and Bay Area travel show.

In an effort to go paperless, PVA minimized paper brochures and utilized QR (quick response) codes for the Bay Area show. This way both methods can accommodate different customer types. Ways we are promoting Palau culturally are through decor pieces, attire and giveaways. Pieces such as, locally made itabori (storyboard), ongall (plate), uleld (coconut candy), and locally produced/designed table covers, stickers and attire gave our booth that Palauan touch.

Many countries have opened for tourism and being in shows like the Travel & Adventure Show is crucial so that potential travelers will keep Palau on their travel radar. One participant expressed, “I came to the show pre-covid and I do not remember seeing your booth so I am extremely curious where this is…This is amazing.”

Despite the large traffic the Palau booth had attracted, PVA understands the current challenges of a traveler flying into Palau in terms of flight availability and higher airfares therefore are working to have more discussions with airlines in addressing these issues.

Representing Palau in this tradeshow were PVA Marketing & Programs Manager Chloe Ysikl Yano, PVA Digital Marketing Representative II Janine Tewid and Palau International Tourism Ambassador Ms. Kayla Iechad.

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