On Thursday, September 29th, the Palau Visitors Authority held the Independence Day Night Market at Ernguul Central Park as a kick-off to the Independence Day long weekend. Vitores, Bow and Lisa started the evening’s entertainment by performing favorite Palauan songs, followed by Minister Baklai Temengil who gave the opening remarks, welcoming the crowd to celebrate Palau’s 22nd Independence Day celebration.


Mr. Shinji, a Japanese singer who was visiting Palau to perform for the Independence Day celebration in Ngerulmud, entertained the night market with a special performance. His songs, which were written about Palau, glorified Palau’s pristine islands and beautiful ocean.

Impressing visitors with a traditional performance, a Palauan Chant was made by Jessie Remarui, followed by the Ngchesar boys dancers, whose Ruk (war dance) thundered on stage. The Meyuns Dancers, a group of young Palauan women, performed a lively Contemporary Dance performance. L.I.F.E. School also displayed their crafts, including a miniature replica of a bai (traditional meeting house).

The night markets are an opportunity for small local businesses to display and sell their products. Of the 16 vendors that were at Thursday’s night market, a combined total of $8,408.35 in sales were made to an estimated 1,252 visitors and locals. If you would like to sell and display your products, or if you would like to perform, please contact Kate Mad at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]