Airai, Palau.  The Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) Board of Directors has approved several new rates and services to be effective October 1, 2016. The proposed changes, contained in Tariff Advice #8, were announced in a public notice starting August 6, 2016 and a public hearing was held on September 6, 2016 at the PCC Assembly Hall.


The main changes in effect as of October 1, 2016 include lower rates and new plans for Internet and PalauCel Wireless, plus a 10% rate increase for long distance calls.

For 3G mobile data service, a new 15-day plan has been added ($25 for 500MB) and the 1GB-30 day plan has been reduced to $45.  Weekly and daily plans remain the same ($15 for 250MB-7days, $3 for 50MB-1day).

New PalauCel postpaid monthly subscriptions now include free texting and more local Airtime minutes.  There are five plans offered, starting at Basic for $20/month with 200 local minutes for voice calls, additional minutes $0.25 each, and free local texting.

The new DSL plans (announced in July 2016 on a preliminary basis) offer higher speeds at lower rates.  Plans start at 128 kbps for only $160.

PalauNet postpaid monthly plans now include more hours for Basic (15 hours), Bronze (30 hours) and Silver (100 hours), and the additional hourly rate for all plans has been reduced by 50% to only $1.25 per hour.  Subscribers can use their PalauNet username and password to log on to HomeNet DSL and Wi-Fi Hotspots.

The PNCC Prepaid Internet Card rates introduced in July 2016 are also in the new tariff, reduced to $1.25 per hour with longer expiration dates.  Prepaid Internet cards are used to access HomeNet DSL and Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Long distance rates have increased by 10%, the first time they have been changed since 2004.

The PNCC Board of Directors also approved a 10% increase for Digital TV Basic service and outlets, which will be effective at a later date to be announced. The monthly rate for DTV Basic has not increased since 2005. The new rate will help to offset increases in fees paid to DTV channel providers.

For more information, please call 488-9000.  For long distance rates dial 0 (7AM-12 midnight daily). [/restrict]