Showcases Palau at Treasures of the South Pacific Roadshow

Australia- July 17-July 28, 2023-  Palau Visitors Authority Marketing Representative, Ms. Janine Tewid, completes a two-week internship under the esteemed Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Talent Development Program in Australia. This program selected two interns from the tourism sector, one from Palau and the other from the Marshall Islands, to participate in a hands-on experience at PTI’s Sydney office. The innovative program’s primary goal is to elevate the skills of the chosen employees and empower them by enriching their professional expertise through the secondment opportunity.

As part of her internship, Ms. Tewid had the opportunity of attending the renowned Treasures of the South Pacific Roadshow, where she showcased the pristine wonders of Palau, represented by PTI Australia as one of the Hidden Treasures of the South Pacific. The roadshow traveled through major cities in Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, and Sydney, with a special focus on engaging travel agent communities. Other destinations showcased at the roadshow included Cook Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, Niue, Norfolk Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu, and the Hidden Treasures consisting of Kiribati, Tuvalu, The Kingdom of Tonga, Niue, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Palau, Nauru and the Federated

States of Micronesia (FSM).

Throughout the roadshow, Ms. Tewid engaged with multiple travel agents and wholesalers, promoting Palau as a premier destination for the Australian market, while also emphasizing the new direct flights from Brisbane via Air Niugini. The travel agents were keen on exploring unique and lesser-known travel experiences and destinations. The positive response received led to increased exposure and enhanced promotion for Palau, showcasing the latest and most exciting travel opportunities. “Increased efforts need to be made in promoting Palau to the Australian Market, as a considerable number of travel agents were previously unaware of the hidden gem that Palau truly is prior to the show. With the new direct flight making travel more accessible, this is a favorable time to showcase Palau’s unique offerings. Other than diving, Palau offers

all-encompassing experiences that travelers nowadays are looking for. Taking part in this program has made me understand the marketing efforts needed to be made and has better equipped me to pursue my work more confidently.”, says Ms. Tewid.

Additionally, Ms. Tewid was able to meet with GTI Australia, PVA’s partnered marketing agency in Australia. With the support of the Australian Embassy in Palau, GTI Australia has been entrusted with the task of supporting tourist market development and ensuring

successful bookings for Air Niugini’s direct flights throughout this year. Collaboratively, they are actively promoting Palau as the ideal travel destination for Australian travelers.

As Ms. Tewid’s internship concludes, she looks forward to leveraging her newfound expertise and dedication to foster mutual growth and collaboration, paving the way for further promotion to the Australian Market.

The Palau Visitors Authority expresses its sincere appreciation to PTI Australia for providing this invaluable opportunity and to the participating travel agents for showing keen interest in Palau’s treasures. With the newfound momentum, Palau eagerly awaits welcoming Australian travelers to explore its unique wonders and experiences.

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