Guests watched a presentation at Night Market (File Photo)

Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) Managing Director Stephanie Nakamura wrote a letter to President Tommy Remengesau, Jr., requesting for the passage and approval of the $100,000 supplemental budget for fiscal year 2018 to fund the construction of a new pavilion hut, restroom facility, and stone pathway work at the Ernguul Central Park to accommodate night market visitors.


In a letter addressed to President Remengesau which was dated February 22, Nakamura cited concerns that the current pavilion that is used as main stage during night markets is already old and dilapidated and needs to be replaced, the storage room will not also suffice to accommodate equipment such as tents, tables and chairs as they had “procured more to accommodate the growing number of vendors and visitors.”

The letter also pointed out that after the PVA consulted several contractors, the tearing down of the old structure and building of a larger facility was recommended. Nakamura also said that they had asked foreigners and vendors for some feedbacks and comments on the staging of the night market and found that the common suggestions and comments received was the insufficient or lack of proper toilet facility.

Nakamura also stated that after surveying the existing stone pathway behind the main pavilion hut, they found that it is in “dire need of rehabilitation”, adding their plan to also expand the stone pathway to the ends of each entrance – road entering the old OEK building and the entrance to the National Gym.

“…the PVA Night Markets, since its inception in 2009, have grown exponentially both in terms of vendor participation, vendor sales, visitor numbers and local participation,” the letter read, adding that the PVA remains fully committed to ensuring that both foreign and local vendors and visitors have a venue that offers the comforts of a multi-purpose pavilion, a restroom facility that caters to each gender and a safe and usable stone pathway for resting and taking of photos.

“We believe that with a new pavilion hut, new restroom facility and improved stone pathway, the night markets will be much more successful in providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to our guests to enjoy a venue to mingle with locals, spend money to buy local foods, arts and crafts directly contributing to our economy and most importantly, providing that unique local hospitality that visitors pay to experience,” the letter read. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)[/restrict]