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The recent Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) report on the number of tourist arrivals in Palau has shown a rise of 977 tourists in the month of July compared to June.

The total number of tourist arrival in the month of July is 7,084 while in the month of June it was 6,107.

In spite of the spike in the visitor arrival, the number of arrivals in the month of July this year is less than the number of arrival last year July which was 9,009.

The total number of arrivals until now has been 55334, however, the total number last year till July was 69086.

While the Chinese still remain the highest nationality visiting Palau the number has dropped by 10375. This year has shown 19071 and comparing it to last year till July, 29446 Chinese tourists visited Palau with a total of 41,317 the entire year.

The month of June had seen a significant dip in the number of tourists compared to other months this year. The arrival from Japan had gone down to 657, South Korea has gone down to 660, Europe has gone down to 122.

In the month of July, there has been an increase in tourists from Japan(1,093), South Korea (774), Taiwan (1,700) , China (2,333), USA/Canada (727) and Europe (165).

In the earlier months this year, Japanese tourists remained about 1,000 with March seeing the highest rise in Japanese tourist, 2,437, visiting Palau for this year.

However, this is still less compared to the March of last year where Palau saw 3,319 Japanese coming in. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)