Koror State, the most populous state and commercial center of the Republic of Palau will hold its 12th General Election in November, and preceding that will be the Primary Election this September to select 2 out of 5 proclaimed candidates to place in the General Election ballot.

To give Koror State citizens and voting residents an opportunity to hear the candidates’ positions on a number of issues of concern for the people of Koror, Palau Media Council will be holding a Q&A Forum for the candidates on September 15th at 6pm.  Venue is still to be confirmed.

The program will be a Question and Answer format where candidates will pick questions that have been gleaned from public, to answer.  Questions will fall under 4 major categories of concern and no one but very few will know the final questions.  This will ensure that candidates have fair opportunity to answer questions without any special advantage to any of the candidates.

More details will be forthcoming next week but public, especially Koror citizens are encouraged to submit their questions and concerns to members of Palau Media Council.  Questions will be condensed and consolidated according to areas of concerns and placed with all other questions, to be picked randomly during the Q&A Forum.

The event will be broadcasted live on Palau Wave Radio and television, TMC on television and on Youtube.  Mark calendars for this important event.

You may send your questions to Palau Wave Radio, TMC, palaumedia@gmail.com, islandtimes05@gmail.com, tmc38palau@gmail.com, okkesolei@gmail.com or call in during their regular programming and give them your questions.

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