Rainbow Soiree, first LGBTQ event held...

The Rainbow Soiree was a successful event over the weekend and a strong debut for Palau’s first official LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Allies) organization called LAIIB (Living All Inclusive In Belau).
Attendance at the event exceeded The LAIIB team expectation of 25 to 50 people. The Rainbow Soiree was attended by Palauans, Americans, and Filipino’s.
Notable figures in Palau attended the event as well, including President Tommy Remengesau who showed his support and gave special remarks during the event.
In his speech Remengesau touched on equality, inclusiveness, and respecting everyone’s differences.
“We cannot have equality without inclusion of everyone and we cannot have equality if we do not respect each other’s differences” said Remngesau during his speech.
President Remengesau also said in his speech that he supports with the goals of LAIIB which promotes freedom, peace, as well as happiness and he encouraged the LAIIB to continue their work to make people more aware of LGBTQ+ people in Palau.
LAIIB Chairman Rondy Ronny said that a support system is very important for the LGBT+ community and has credited it for being a big help for him in his life.
Rondy Ronny said that “it is important to create more and more support system for not just Palau but the whole world.”
The event had a different array of entertainment such as the eye catching fire dance, colorful photo booth adorned with the rainbow colors of the LGBTQIA flag, the uplifting message board where people write positive messages to other LGBTQ+ people so that they too do not feel alone, and a lively musical band featuring Beckwin, Pua, as well as Bayano who is one of Palau’s notable musicians.

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