Palau held its 2nd phase on Sport for Development Policy at Palau Civic Center on April 19, 2018.

Sport Policy in the Pacific has received very little attention on the regional agenda.

A new project called ‘Raising the Voice for Sport in the Pacific’ will strengthen regional coordination and advocacy, and develop concrete mechanisms for influencing policy processes across consultation, development, implementation and review in sport and also through sport to other policy areas such as health, education, gender, disability and youth.

This regional initiative is funded by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the European Union led by Oceania National Olympic Committee in partnership with Sport Matters and UNESCO through the Strengthening of the Non-State Actors (NSAs) engagement in regional policy development and implementation program.

The first national consultation workshop was held on November 28, 2017 that gathered civil society actors, National Sport Federation representatives and community members that worked to develop a situation analysis of sport for development at the national context particularly to inform relevant stakeholders about the sport for development policy area and the importance of integrating sport into the national development agenda, priorities and programs.

The 2nd Consultation focused on government stakeholders, CSO members and sport federation representatives. The objective was to analyze the cross-sectoral context of sport in government policies and programs. Also, analyze in greater length and details about the current issues and challengers of sport for development and peace; monitoring and evaluation and recommendations for better promotion of sport for development policy and concrete actions to move forward. (PR)