In order to aide with the impacts of the COVID-19 response, the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs, Palau Visitors Authority, and Social Security Administration are launching what is called the Pandemic Re-Employment Program for tourism-related workers that are laid off from their jobs.

Application forms for the program are available at the three offices including their newly opened Temporary Workforce Coordinating Committee Office located near the Office of the President at Meyuns.

Those that are interested are required to go through, fill out, and submit an application form either in person to the offices listed above or online at which will be available on May 15th.

Additionally, if a participant is a nonresident worker then they must provide a written consent from their employer and the Director of the Bureau of Immigration and Labor. Consent provided through the CROSS ACT application can be used to satisfy this requirement.

The application form entails that those that are laid-off, furlough, on reduced hours, or qualified through the CROSS ACT will be given priority for all work opportunities.

Jobs focus on tourism infrastructure which include coastal cleanups, tree planting, kebeas removal, tourism mentorship program, historical site preservation, Alii Pass Program projects with State Governments, providing in-home care for the elderly, painting and cleanup of facilities.

The priority of the National Government as well as the three agencies are to help those financially affected by COVID-19 who have been laid off, unemployed  or on reduced hours of employment. There is no number restriction or ethnicity requirement. Currently, 400 have applied for this program and the list is still ongoing.

In order to work effectively, the three agencies have come up with a system to divide the applicants. Participants with first names beginning with A through J will submit their applications to MCCA, while K through R will submit at PVA, and finally S through Z will go to SSA to submit their application.

The qualified and placed applicant will receive minimum wage based on the national minimum wage law.  Source of funds for the re-employment program comes from the CROSS Act and not from the ministries or agencies regular budget.