I’ve been writing about codependency because it’s a real struggle for me.

Last night I struggled with an old thinking process.  I did my best to fight it.  I said out loud, “Stop it! Get out of my head, now! It’s not worth our energy and time.  Besides, our well being do not depend on whether people care or not.”  I reminded myself that I’ll be all right, closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Do you feel nobody cares? Do you feel ignored or do you do so much and nobody even appreciates you? This is the struggle with codependency.

 Ngkmal tekoi er Belau. Kede meral di meruul el mong e sel bode chebuul ete di bles er kid. Olekoi. Please GOD help us.

Codependency is when your mental and emotional well being is wrapped up (dependent) in another person’s feelings and/or actions.

It’s like you can’t be ok unless they’re ok with you.

If this sounds familiar, you know what a gut wrenching, roller coaster ride codependency can be.

You feel really good when you’re getting the approval and attention you desire but when you don’t….anxiety kicks in and you’re left feeling insecure and insigificant. Thus begins projecting and blaming 

In Biblical counseling, codependency or excessive reliance on someone other than God is called rebellion. If we’re going to call this what it is, we have to be biblical and call it rebellion.

This led me to think of “controlling spirit” al tekoi er Belau eng “Ng bechedereder”  meng ngdiak el sebeched el outeliil.  These people are control freaks. And they believe they are entitled le tochell OR ngerchelir. Biblically it is called witchcraft.  Now think about it 🤔 …there are witchcrafts in the church of Christ. This is when I want to speak French. God help us.

In short – Codependent person is focused on what others think (shame) and Controlling person is focused on being important and powerful (fear).

Every word out of the mouth of  GOD, He says: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent. Isaiah 55:11 is so encouraging.  It’ll all work out for the best.

Please be patient with me, God is not done with me yet. ♡ (Philippians 1:6. NIV)

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