The recent storm, labeled Tropical Depression W27, damaged 211 households, according to the Palau Red Cross Society’s initial damages report submitted to the National Emergency Office on November 1, 2022.

PRCS staff & volunteers at PRCS EOC HQ, from left and counter clockwise: Disaster Management Officer JB Victorino, Project Specialist Sylvester F. Alonz, Disaster Management Assistant O’Lani D. Ngirutang, Administrative Volunteer Filipo Waqairatavo, Finance Assistant II Amy Andres, Finance Officer Itirong U. Olkeriil, Administrative Assistant Malikei Ngirmidol, Health & Social Services Assistant Kenton Mongami, Information Management Officer Kirah I. Rebelkuul, Executive Director J. Maireng Sengebau.

Minister Charles Obichang, NEMO Vice Chairman, reported last Friday, November 4, that assessment is still ongoing, and no estimated cost of the damages from the storm has been determined.

All States reported some damaged households except for five, Hatohobei, Ngarchelong, Ngatpang, Ngchesar, and Sonsorol.  Angaur State’s forms have not been received as of the date of the reporting and were not included in this list.

Of the 211 household damages, 144 reported minor damages and 51 reported major damages, and 16 reported total damages.  Most of the damages occurred in Koror State, with 140 reported household damages.

For non-resident damage reports, most states reported downed trees, power, and cellular down.  Some facilities reported damaged include a church building in Melekeok, the Ngardmau State building, and Kambek floating dock and school gym damages in Peleliu.(By: L.N. Reklai)

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