By: L.N. Reklai

January 31, 2017  (Koror, Palau) Regina IV, Angaur State boat gets damaged on its return voyage from dry dock in the Cebu, Philippines.


According to Governor Ken Uyehara, due to very rough seas, the aluminum pipe between the two propellers broke.  They are getting a welder to come in and weld the pipes and once they get approval from the national transportation office, the boat will start operation.

Due to rough seas, around the 19th of January, the office in Cebu lost satellite communication with the boat for 2 days, according to Governor Uyehara.  After 2 days, the boat finally got its communication restored and proceeded to Palau and was met by Palau marine law enforcement at the Ngeremlengui channel and escorted to the port.

After its arrival, it was taken out to be tested by the Palau National Transportation Division.  Due to the damage, the boat has been moored and awaiting repair.

Regina IV was sent to Cebu, Philippines for an overhaul costing about $500,000.  The overhaul is expected to give additional 20 years of life to the boat.  The total cost include cost of transporting the boat via barge to Cebu in July of 2016. [/restrict]