Love requires hard work that shed blood, sweat and tears so you may want to salvage the precious jewels lost after the shipwreck. 

If you were created in the image of God you were born of love with incredible gifts and talents that came with the whole package. Healing is finding your meaning. Always remember you didn’t come from your parents. You came through them.

To reinvent your life you must look inward, not outward, and reclaim your life by renewing of your mind. Change your thoughts and healing of your emotions follow.

Emotions are a critical component of our daily lives and can often define the human experience.


Enmeshment is an emotional abuse that we don’t think of as such. It is because it seems so normal. But it really messes up our bbrain.

I follow a Jewish rabbi to understand the Old Testament. He explains narcissism and enmeshment in the story of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He also mentioned that Jacob (Israel) was abused in a safe place.  First, his father-in-law Laban exploited and abused him.  Second was in Egypt where Pharaoh gave them a home than exploited and abused him.  Fascinating!

The Old Testament opened my eyes to see dysfunctional family didn’t begin with my family. It’s as if the prison doors swung open and I ran out shouting “FREEDOM”. It made forgiveness easier to do.

Enmeshment trauma can be caused by dysfunction and abuse within the family system.  It is when a parent relies on children to meet their emotional needs. In my opinion that child becomes the Hero. He’s the one making sure the family is perfect. Ng kmal betok a mekull er kid a uchul eng klou a uldikl ra delengchokl ma beluu. If a family member suffers from mental illness or addiction, they may avoid it. Yes they talk about it but also avoid treating the problem by dismissing it.

My children are now adults so I let GOD do the impossible.

Enmeshment is an interesting psychological concept. I have read extensively on the subject to understand why I feel  misunderstood and rejected by many. Now I understand — because I’m a truth teller.

Without healing the past and improving your emotional intelligence, any future relationships will be compromised, the work must be done in order to find healthy expressions in any intimate  relationships.

In our culture, a person who was enmeshed cannot make simple life decisions without consulting their parents first. An enmeshed lfamily member who takes it personally when someone else in the family moves away.  I didn’t move away literally, I chose to worship the same GOD in another denomination. The pain of verbal and emotional abuses I got were unbelievably excruciating. That’s when I hung on to Jesus knowing it’s all about him. 

Happy weekend ♥️

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