Embassy of Japan in Palau is pleased to announce that a new video Our Tokubetsu Ties: Japan’s Development Assistance in Palau” is now on the Embassy’s YouTube channel.

Japan has provided a large amount of Official Development Assistance to Palau for more than 40 years since 1981 before the country’s independence, worth about US $300 million in total. Japan provides support while seriously considering what kind of support is effective for the development of Palau’s economy and society from a medium and long-term perspective, and what kind of support can truly benefit people of Palau.

Embassy of Japan invites everyone to watch the video on the Embassy’s YouTube channel.

Japan Embassy’s YouTube Channel

Link:    https://youtu.be/nWCJj4-c6Uo

For more information, please contact Embassy of Japan at 488-6455/ 6456.           

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