In a low-key yet quietly dignified air, the US airmen raised the flag to sound of United States national anthem in the background, to honor and remember thousands of US servicemen who paid the ultimate price for freedom and liberty on the shores of Peleliu 75 years ago.

The US Memorial Day yesterday was marked with laying of wreaths at two US monuments in Peleliu, at the US Marine Monument and at the US Army Monument.  At both monuments, US flag was raised and special tributes were made.

United States Ambassador John Hennessey-Niland said “Peleliu is a special place, now at peace, where so many young Americans who answered the call of duty are now part of the soil and the history of the island. We pay tribute to their courage, their honor, and their willingness to fight and die far away from home in order that future generations would have a more peace future.”

Quoting US President Truman in a short ceremony, Ambassador Hennessey-Niland said, “It is our responsibility.  Ours who are living to see to it that this victory shall be a monument worthy of all of the death.” Hennessey-Niland said, “As we pause before these monuments of the brave US marines who died so many years ago in Peleliu, let us reflect in their sacrifice and recommit ourselves to the defense of freedom and the pursuit of liberty.  We remain eternally grateful for their sacrifice.  May they rest in peace.”

Ambassador Hennessey-Niland also recognized all the US veterans from Palau for their service.  Attending the ceremony representing the US Armed Forces Veterans in Palau were veterans Greg Ngirmang, veteran Norbert Yano, and veteran Haim Rekesiwang.

Governor of Peleliu TemmyShmull attended the ceremonies and expressed on behalf of the people of Peleliu their gratitude for the ultimate sacrificed made by the US servicemen so that today, Peleliu enjoys peace.

Some of Palau’s sons have paid the ultimate sacrifice for liberty while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  They were Captain John Kintaro, US Army, Vietnam, 1972, US Marine Corporal Jay Gee NgirmidolMeluat, Irag, 2004, US Marine Lance Corporal Adam QuituguaEmul, Irag, 2007, US Army Corporal MeresbangNgiraked, Irag, 2007, US Army Specialist Philton Ueki, Irag, 2008, US Army Sergeant Jasper Obakrairur, Afganistan, 2009 and Sonny Moses, Combat Support, Afganistan, 2011.

“We remain eternally grateful for their sacrifice.  May they rest in peace.” US Ambassador John Hennessey-Niland, May 25, 2020.