Inis Remoket has been sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Palau Supreme Court for the murder of his wife, Ochob Jaycee Iyar Soto.

Mr. Remoket was found guilty last month of Murder in the 2nd Degree. The Court determined that he killed his wife four years ago in September 2016, and tied her body to the ocean floor near the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge. Her remains were discovered two years later, in September 2018.

The Honorable Oldiais Ngiraikelau, now Chief Justice of Palau, pronounced the sentence on the morning of Monday, September 21, stating that he had considered the investigation report and the statute of the law before making his decision.

Murder in the 2nd Degree is a felony which could carry a minimum of 20 years in prison and a maximum of life imprisonment.

Prosecuting Attorney Rebecca Sullivan of the Attorney General’s Office, who asked for a life sentence for the Defendant, said that Mr. Remoket is a “person who is dangerous to the people of Palau”, and added that murder is “the most serious crime” in the world.

The Defendant’s Attorney, Ms. Repeka Varasikete of the Office of the Public Defender, requested a minimum sentence, citing Mr. Remoket’s medical conditions, advanced age, and willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

After pronouncing the 25-year sentence, Chief Justice Ngiraikelau informed the Defendant that he has 30 days from the date of the sentencing to file an appeal. 

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