Palauan artist Sam Adelbai is teacjing young kids to draw at the summer class program of the Palau Community College. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

One of Palau’s renowned artists (PCC) is teaching art to 30 kids while instilling good character at the Palau Community College’s (PCC) summer class program.

The art class, which kicked off Monday, January 10, will run from Mondays to Fridays within the span of four weeks. Kids will directly learn different art lessons from no less than Palauan artist, Sam Adelbai.

Adelbai said that through the art class, the school will help channel the kids’ energy – which a lot of times are used in idle ways – into creativity.

Adelbai recognized that kids with ages six to 10 and beyond are still in their primary years of learning, hence there is a need to be cautious about what to teach them.

“They based their knowledge and reality on how they perceived the world during these early elementary [years] so with that we have to be careful [in] handling [and] enhancing it,” Adelbai said.

Through the arts, Adelbai also said there is a need to help children see themselves as an individual and also as part of the community.

Adelbai explained that this will also be an opportunity to coach the kids’ personalities through telling a story that drives creativity instead of the other way around. Adelbai was referring to the latter as the instance where a child who is doing artwork is being laughed at by another child and ended up getting sad or angry instead.

For $30 registration fee, each kid can avail of the different summer classes, including in arts, at PCC. PCC’s art classes are held weekdays from 3pm to 5pm. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)