The Responsible Tourism is a new project that aims to develop and implement a campaign to introduce concepts and practices in providing the Palauan experience and at the same time protecting Palau’s fragile environment within the tourism industry.  The campaign focuses on raising awareness of responsible tourism practices in three key stakeholder groups:  Palauan communities, visitors to Palau and Tour operators.


On May 31, 2016, during the Environmental Hour at the Eco-Paradise Radio Station, Mr. Kadoi Ruluked of Palau Visitors’ Authority, Mr. Kevin Mesebeluu of Ngardok Nature Reserve and Mr. Yalap P. Yalap of Palau Conservation Society conducted a first talk show outreach to the public of the Responsible Tourism campaign.  Topics discussed were defining tourism, existing infrastructures & benefits of tourism, challenges, best practices and messages to the public.  The message was stated as, if the Palauan communities are well organized and tourism marketing is clear, the economic benefits are well spread to everyone, our island biological diversity is protected.  All visitors will also have to be aware of Palau culture with respect and care so that all visitors can acquire the Palauan experience.  This is one of the many outreach activities to be aired through Eco-Paradise Radio Station including Palau Wave Radio in the future.  Other outreach activities in the future will be conducting outreach to the traditional and elected leadership, tour operators and communities.

The Responsible Tourism campaign is a partnership between the Bureau of Tourism, Palau Visitors’ Authority, Palau International Coral Reef Center, Palau Conservation Society, Melekeok State Government and Koror State Government.  This campaign is supported by a grant from The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. [/restrict]