As reported early February 2017, PPUC started its initial phase of improving the Babeldaob water systems in late January 2017 and continued until early March of the same year. The improvement project included external and internal restoration of water tanks, flushing of pipe lines, and replacing the aged sand filters and strainers.


Eleven Babeldaob water systems in seven states underwent improvement including: 1) Mongami and Ngechemiangel, Aimeliik; 2) Ibobang and Mechebechubel, Ngatpang; 3)Ulimang and Ngebuked, Ngaraard; 4) Tohobei and Ngerkoranges, Melekeok; 5)Ngardmau; 6) Ngchesar; and 7) Ollei, Ngarchelong.

With the completion of this project, improvements of the water quality in the said Babeldaob states can be seen.

Comparison of January, February, and March 2017 Water Quality in Babeldaob show that the number of Babeldaob water systems with bacteria has decreased. Although the water quality is not up to par with Koror and Airai, it is safe to say that there were improvements from this project.

EQPB  March 2017 results show that there has been an increase in turbidity in the water being treated and distributed from the Babeldaob water systems. First of all, turbidity basically refers to water clarity.  When the water is colored or murky, that means the water is turbid. Turbidity can come from suspended sediments that do not settle on the bottom of a body of water. The heavy rainfall that we have been experiencing for the past several weeks is one of the main reason for the increase in turbidity. Heavy rain usually causes runoff which dumps suspended particles and solids into the water.  Therefore, heavy rain is directly related to the increase of runoff which in turn causes increased turbidity.

PPUC have started looking for consultation on future add-on purification mechanisms in order to further improve the water quality in Babeldaob. For now, PPUC apologizes for the inconvenience and continues to ask the public for their patience as this project takes time and cannot happen overnight. Please stay posted for an upcoming announcement on home solutions or remedies to reduce turbidity. #ppuc [/restrict]