A retired American expat was found dead in his apartment by law enforcement officers in Ngerias, Ngerkesoaol, late last Wednesday.

Mr. Dwayne Flowers, who had lived and worked in Palau for over a decade, was living alone in his apartment when he passed away last week.

According to a statement made by Public Information Officer Jose Ise of the Ministry of Justice, the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) Police Central Office received a report from a resident of Ngerias at 5:20pm last Wednesday of a foul odor coming from Mr. Flowers’ apartment. After making several attempts to call Mr. Flowers, which went unanswered, BPS officers forced Mr. Flowers’ door open to discover his lifeless body.

Mr. Flowers’ body was afterwards transported to the Belau National Hospital for medical examination.  

According to the BPS, the Belau National Hospital has yet to declare a cause of death. However, the responders say that there was no indication of foul play at the scene. Mr. Flowers had seemingly been deceased for days before his body was discovered, with the door locked from inside.

Mr. Flowers has worked as a teacher in multiple schools in Palau, including Mindszenty High School and Palau High School, prior to his retirement. He had previously been married to a citizen of Palau, but the two have since separated. He leaves behind two daughters. 

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