When I was a little girl I asked my father, “Bapa, ngtecha delal a Dios?”  He tried to explain to me how Eternal Being is uncreated and that we just have to have faith.  I asked him about Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  He explained to me the virgin birth of Christ which in a lot of ways made sense to me.  I didn’t know the process of how babies come about so I accepted his explanation.  When I was about eleven years old I asked him about faith again. This time he said, “A klaumerang ra diak desang el Dios a diak el sebeched el smodii.  Ngdi kired el mo medengei el uasei ng Beltikereng er Ngii a uchul ma Jesus a mlei.”  I asked my 21 questions, of course, about the stars, the moon and the sun.  And a lot of why’s. 


I forgot this particular conversation.  It came to mind with such vivid picture of his face, the way he talked, his eyes glazed with water as he talked about the love of God in listening to my grandnephew.

He was telling me the other night that he and his cousin and two of their friends drove to Taoch er Oikull.  He said, “Aunty, ngmeral milkolk meng di chimad e diak desang.”  One of them was afraid to come out of the car leng medakt a deleb. Lol.  “Ea buil a ngara yanged ma btuch a meral betok meng sel meral meseked a yanged.  We didn’t see anything except the moon and the stars in the sky.  We heard the sound of water lapping against the dock, fishes jumping in and out of the water.  We heard the birds flapping their wings. Ng meral kora mle mengasireng.”

 As he was telling me about his experience with his eyes bright in wonder,  I was seeing those glazed eyes from long ago that marveled in the love of God.  WOW!  Memories are amazing things… they are never lost, we just don’t recall them, especially the good ones.

Lately I’ve been roaming about not bothering with God.  Reading the Word became banal.  I was religiously doing what I knew I had to do. Without love.  When my nephew told me about the Taoch er a Oikull, the way he described what he saw and heard, I was shaken down to the core of my being.  To the reality of my circumstances and the situation where I’ve allowed myself to linger still—enjoying the ride.
Complacency is a dangerous territory.

Someone wrote, “God is lavish with power, not grasping it, as we do, but joyfully giving it away.  When he dared to make us with free will, He made us real instead of puppets manipulated by a dictator.”

I knew in my heart that I’ve wandered far, ignoring this column.  I gotta choose to get back to LOVE.

BTW, I reminded my g-nephew to get permission from Ngirachitei ra uchei ra chobom sisb era beluu.   [/restrict]