Groundbreaking of new projects in Airai, a new road and waterline improvement.

Ribbon cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies were held this week to commemorate important public infrastructure projects despite the ongoing COVId outbreak.  People attended the events under the “new normal’ conditions, masked up and placed at appropriate distances.

Groundbreaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies in Ngchesar State celebrating road paving projects within Ngchesar State.

The projects are the continuation of development assistance provided by the Republic of China, Taiwan to help improve public infrastructure thereby improving the quality of life for the people in Palau.

Projects include Oikull Road and Waterline Improvement from the Compact road to Ngchesechang in Airai and the Ngeruluobel Basketball Court Roof Improvement project.  The projects cost $2.3 million and were funded through grants from the Republic of China, Taiwan.

Other ribbon-cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies were held in Ngchesar State marking the competition and beginnings of projects costing 1.8 million dollars, funded also by the Republic of China, Taiwan.

The projects consist of road paving of Ngersuul Road Phase 1, Karmaliang Road Phase 1, Shimizu Road Phase 12. 

The events were witnessed by Palau’s national leadership including the State leaders where the projects are located.

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