The roads leading up to the Bureau of Publics Works main office have been flooded with water during heavy rainfall due to several potholes.

Public Works is the responsible agency for road construction and rehabilitation, Director Brian Melairei of Public Works said, “The roads, mostly in Koror, are impacted by heavy equipment operations of the KASP[Koror-Airai Sanitation Project] Project spearheaded by PPUC.”

Melairei added that that combined with the PPUC project and the inclement weather have caused further deterioration.

“BPW’s attempt to temporary patch these potholes while waiting for the start of Koror-Airai Road Rehab Project have been held back by the rains as well,” Melairei said.

Palau has been experiencing heavy rainfall over the past week. A special weather statement has been issued by National Weather Service stating that soils remain saturated from recent heavy rains Palau.

The statement suggests that additional heavy rains this week could increase the likelihood of mudslides within valleys and in areas on and near steep slopes.

“Patch up works cannot be done in the rain as the materials will only wash away,” Melairei said.

The PPUC administrator official Tmetuchl Baules said that KASP project is scheduled to be completed by December.  (Eshan Kalyanikar)