This week, Palau’s motor traffic has been extraordinarily long and slow, particularly during rush hours in the morning and late afternoon.  This is due to ongoing Koror-Airai Road Resurfacing project funded by COFA CIP funds.

Yesterday late afternoon until about 8pm last night, the traffic was backed up from Sea Passion Hotel in Malakal to Mobil Gas Station at Topside and from Meyuns below the hospital to PVA junction, moving at snail pace as road workers seek to pave as fast as they can.

The road resurfacing project is part of the national project to resurface the road from Airai to Malakal and from Madalii to Meyuns.  The bid was awarded to Surangel & Sons Construction.

In the past five years, people have been complaining about the deteriorating conditions of the roads, especially toward Madalaii and Malakal where work to install sewer lines have been going on.  The road from below the Airport in Airai to KB Bridge has also worsen over time. The ongoing project, funded by Compact funds will improve these road conditions.

The project costs $2 million dollars and funded by the CIP funds under the 2nd COMPACT Review Agreement.