The 17th Kayangel State Election will be held next week Tuesday on May 26th. Many candidates are running this year with the hopes that they will be chosen for important positions of governor and legislature.

This year 3 candidates are running for Kayangel Governor and they are Elmis Ruluked, Thomas B. Obak, and Richard Ngiraked. While 20 candidates are running for legislature this year.

Candidates are Frederick Roydan Renguul, Jerson Hosei, Shannon Selau Sakai, Hester Hesus, Anthania Timarong, Capily Mutsuo, Secundino Edboi, Roman Mongami, Jack Ngiraked, Niro Bandarii, Sukrad Sbal, Francisca Skiwo, Valentina Bangiar Omelau, Asaliee M. Yamada, Hadley Hesus, Edwin T. Chiokai, Inawo Sebaklim, Scott S. Chiokai, Jochebed “Hebeth” Albert, and Harrington Olebuu.

443 voters are registered in the state of Kayangel and are tasked to vote for 1 governor along with 12 legislatures.