Republic of China-Taiwan presented a special grant check of $600,000 dollars to Palau’s Ministry of Health in support of Palau’s pandemic prevention efforts and to assist with medical referral patients to Taiwan.  The check was presented to Minister Dr. Emais Roberts by Ambassador Wallace Chow of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Palau.

The funds are to be used to support essential air services for Palau medical referral patients and their escorts back and forth between Palau and Taiwan.  It will also be used for maintenance and repairs of the existing CT scanner at the hospital, repairing the Alternative Care Site and improving the Peleliu Providers Housing.

In a press release from ROC Embassy, it says that Taiwan government wants to help Palau with its “pressing need to resume its medical transportation operations during this difficult time.” 

Due to COVID-19 and stoppage of commercial flights in and out of Palau, transportation for referral patients have been via charter flights which are very expensive.

Palau, through an executive order, is working with commercial airlines to open for essential travelers only.  Another reason is to allow for transport of local patients requiring medical expertise to Taiwan.

“Taiwan will always try its best to support its brotherly ally, Palau, and look after the health benefits of Palauan people,” a statement issued by the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy in Palau.

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