If love were food you’ll see and know when a child is starving. 

My nephew is counting the days to when he’d leave home to attend college abroad. I think I know how he feels or at least the essence of his upcoming freedom. I said to him  “The reason eagles leave their nest is so they can soar! Time to soar my boy! And remember where you come from.” 

Ngkorsel tekoi er Belau el kmo “A charm a suebk el mo melngot (or melewaoch) el muut el mei remei.  E medengelii a  lukel.  You’ve heard it said, “Roots and wings” are the only two essential guidelines for parenting. As parents we need to balance the extremes between holding on and letting go. The saying means  “Good parents give their children roots and wings.  Lots of love and encouragement… As the saying goes, the roots remind us to stay grounded and build a firm foundation in our young ones.  We were told to always turn around and look at our house before moving on.  Know your roots before you fly.

Roots are foundation of rearing a child.  We know these things, however our being broken ourselves we misplace our issues and fail our kids.  We all do. I was too busy building my career and there were times when I’d yell at my kids expecting them to do everything right.  Lord have mercy!  How could they hear me when I’m shouting in anger?  We all need each other to raise our children, unafraid to apologize when we mess up. When we admit our wrongs we encoyrage our kids to be humble. It’s being human. Someone forwarded a video of kids fighting in the school bus. Another in the school classroom. It’s nothing new except now they’re recorded and shared on Facebook for the world to see. These kids are hungry — starving.  I also received a copy of the letter from the minister of education addressing the matter to work with Ministry of Justice. We can only hope.

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