Ngaraard State election tabulation last night by PEC officials.

Unofficial results of Ngaraard State 11th General Election showed Sharp Sakuma in the lead for the Office of Governor with 271 votes and incumbent governor Benjamin Iskawa trailing behind by only 11 votes, with 260.

Sharp Sakuma was a write-in candidate that won the primary election for the Office of Governor held in August of this year, beating the other two candidates to qualify as one of the two finalists to the Office of Governor. 

Absentee and confined ballots final tally comes out next Tuesday November 16.  With only 11 votes difference, the final outcome is still up for grabs. 

For the candidates to At-Large seats, unofficial top five (5) votegetters are Marcy Andrew, Dwayne Tochi, Wilbert Ngirakamerang, John Temengil and Keizy Shiro.  For the five (5) hamlets, top vote-getters are Saboru Remoket for Choll, Nestralda Mechaet for Elab, Timothy Beketaut for Ngebuked, Francil Elkang for Ulimang and Leo Debengek for Ngkeklau.

These are unofficial results and may change after the final tally on November 16th.

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