Koror, Palau, Oct 12, 2020– Even in challenging times a 30th Anniversary calls for a celebration. 

October 2020 marks thirty years in business for Sam’s Tours. To celebrate this milestone achievement Sam’s Tours treated 30 young Palauan divers to a dive with founder Sam Scott at his all-time favorite dive site Ulong Channel on Saturday October 10, 2020. Joining Sam on this historic occasion were thirty recently certified PADI Junior Open Water Divers who participated in the Sam’s Tours Summer Camps held in August in conjunction with Palau Pledge.

Despite the challenging times Sam’s Tours continues to fostering a passion for scuba diving in the next generation of young Palauans inspiring them to help protect our oceans and Pristine Paradise. Palau

Early Saturday morning thirty excited and enthusiastic young divers came together at Sam’s Tours to set up their dive gear and head out with Sam to Ulong Channel on Palau’s western side.  Keeping track of thirty exuberant young divers underwater and as they put in to practice skills learned during the Sam’s Tours Summer Camps were Sam’s Tours team of PADI professional instructors led by Mr. Andi Conrad, PADI Course Director and Operations Manager at Sam’s Tours.

Once everyone was assembled underwater the divers headed in to Ulong Channel for a gentle drift dive through the beautiful coral formations and teeming marine life that make this one of Palau’s most popular dives. Lots and lots of fish big and small, easy going turtles and cruising sharks made for lots of excited faces and big wide smiles. Back on the boat Sam was all smiles too knowing that the next generation of Palau divers including his three sons Mimokl, Max and Jacque are just as excited about Palau’s amazing underwater world as he himself is even after thirty years.

Sam’s Tours is grateful for the opportunity to have been a contributor to Palau’s tourism and scuba diving economy for the past thirty years and remains committed to making the fun and excitement of scuba diving accessible to as many young Palauans as possible through ongoing Scuba Camps and organized dive outings; and to encourage and support those who wish to become diving professionals. 

“Doing our part to inspire a love and respect for the oceans helps ensure that Palau remains a pristine paradise attracting scuba divers from around the world” said Sam Scott, Founder of Sam’s Tours.

Sam’s Tours is a thirty year old Palauan owned company with an international reputation for excellence in service doing business all around the world. Located in Koror, Palau, the company was founded in 1990 and incorporated in 1995.

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