Palau has claimed to be a haven of Pristine Paradise and yet the record shows that migration of citizens abroad has skyrocketed at an alarming rate, according to presidential candidate Sandra Pierantozzi on a phone interview.

She raised concerns that people who are supposed to be seen in the “so-called Pristine Paradise” of Palau have migrated out of the country. If we live in Paradise why so many people are migrating she said.


“We want Palauans to come back and stay in their own home. We will lose our country. It will affect and change everything in Palau. No more Palauans mean there is no culture in Palau. This country will be taken over. Before it is too late they must make some change,”  she said.

“If the issues are dealt with then why is everybody leaving? Based on the population the court reduced13 senators to 11 senators and that is a clear indication,” she added.

“In her rally, the people are responding because I give them alternatives”. People need good homes and land to build their homes.  We need to help Palauans first, she commented.

Pierantozzi commented that the Presidential Primary Election is seen as the president running to remain in office, his vice president Antonio Bells is running against him and the chairman of ways and means committee  Surangel Whipps Jnr is also running. This is questioning and point out something is not right, according to Pierantozzi.

She concluded as like any other candidate, she had covered every area in Palau for her rally. The visions she had set will depend on the people that will make a choice. She is not making last minute rally or community reach outs but she continues to stick with people and talking to them one on one. [/restrict]