On December 22, a School Health Program Workshop, hosted by Taiwan Shin Kong Memorial Hospital (SKH) and Ministry of Education(MOE), invited Food Service Program staffs, and school principals and cooks in Palau to discuss issues of promoting healthy diet at schools.


The workshop was held at Palau Royal Resort with over 40 participants from various elementary and high schools and staffs from MOE. Two Taiwanese nutritionists, Ms. Tzu-Wen HSIA and Ms. Nai-Chia OU, were invited to the workshop to share their Taiwan experience. During the workshop, principals and cooks also share their first-hand experiences with nutritionists so as to find the best approach to help promote healthy diet among  students.

Ms. Ching-hwa Lin, Program Coordinator from SKH, said the main purpose of hosting this workshop is to stop non-communicable diseases which has been the goal of the government’s health policy.

Before this workshop, SKH started the School Health Program in Meyuns Elementary School in 2015. Healthy diet and physical exercises were introduced to the campus aiming to cut down the obesity and to improve the health of students. Later, the program was extended to Koror Elementary School in 2017.

Through this workshop, Ms. Lin hoped to share the past experiences with other principals and cooks in hope of benefiting more students in Palau. [/restrict]