Koror State Government and its Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement (DCLE) is launching the “Scoop N Go Challenge” event, giving people the opportunity to play an active role in the cleanup of the environment.

The event is in line with this year’s Earth Week theme, which is “Be Part of the Solution to Restore our Earth.”

“We are inviting folks going out into the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon (RISL) for their own purposes (picnicking, fishing, any outings) to swing by the Rangers Dock and pick up a scoop/boat and trash bags and help us scoop some of the significant floating marine debris that has found its way into our waters from outside of Palau,” explained Director Jennifer Olgeriil of the KSG DCLE. “The aim is to build stewardships with the different layers of the community and enabling them to be part of the efforts and solution. We will provide the scoop and trash bags and identified locations, while folks contribute their own boats and fuel.”

The program will begin on Monday, April 19 and continue through April 26. Koror State is also seeking partners to help provide incentives.

“Folks are advised to bring back their trash to the Rangers Dock for weighing, recording and picture publication on social media during this period. The ultimate goal is to build and instill stewardship to enable folks to voluntarily continue in whatever form they can, beyond Earth Week,” added Olgeriil.

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