A screenshot of a letter was posted to the public regarding updates of the 2019 nCoV(new coronavirus) from an anonymous user via Facebook on Thursday January 30th. In the letter, it mentioned that the status of the virus is very serious in China and that no antibiotics can cure this illness.

It went on to say that people must not leave their throats dry and urges the public to drink water in order to keep the throat moist. Additionally, the letter also warned that people should stay away from fried and spicy food.

However, the legitimacy of this letter was highly questionable due to the fact that it mentioned that people should be careful when they are in a train filled with people. At present there are no trains in Palau. Furthermore, Ministry of Health came out with a statement dismissing this letter as false due to the fact that in the letter it mentioned that it came from their offices.

“This screenshot image being shared on social media is not from Palau Ministry of Health and the information it contains is incorrect.” Stated Ministry of Health. Cherie Rengiil who works under Ministry of Health said that these screenshots were brought to their attention because some of the Ministry of Health staff were tagged on the picture.

She went on to say that the screenshot has reached to the Federated States of Micronesia. However, she does not know who posted the screenshot. She encourages the public to call Ministry of Health in order to verify information about the 2019 nCoV.

They will also continue to speak out if there are any false information being circulated in regards to the coronavirus. Ministry of Health understands that people are scared, but they plan to keep the public informed about their latest findings on the 2019 nCoV.

According to the Ministry of Health Facebook page, a plan of action was implemented on January 22, 2020 in order to prepare and minimize the risk of importation and potential local transmission of 2019 nCoV to Palau.

Mandatory health screenings of all visitors started on January 23, 2020 at Palau International Airport and Malakal seaport. Over 2,000 visitors were screened at the point of entry. Belau National Hospital is undergoing preparations in order to receive and care for critically ill suspect cases. As of February 3, there are no suspected cases of 2019 nCoV in Palau. (Telbakes Yano)