Vice President and Chairman of National Emergency Committee Arnold Oilouch announced that the second charter flight bringing the repatriated citizens from Guamis arriving on July 23rd.

This second arrival will include some of the stranded citizens and students from Hawaii and the mainland.  Vice President Oilouch said that the Ministry of State and the embassies are working together to inform the citizens about the protocols as well as making sure they get into quarantine on time so that they will be able to get on the flight.

Based on the experience with the first charter from Guam, EOC had decided to lessen the amount of days for Quarantine in Guam. So instead of 14 days, it will be 7 days of Quarantine and test before boarding the plane. Other protocols relating to quarantine will remain the same.

Repatriated citizens must undergo testing 72 hours before the flight and must have negative results before boarding the plane. Once they are in Palau, they must go through a two-week quarantine and get tested twice for COVID-19.

Once quarantine is complete and if results still continue to be negative, then the citizens will be released.

Another charter flight bringing in citizens from outside will be arriving from Taiwan on July 7th.  This will bring back some of the patients who were referred to Taiwan and students that have completed their schooling.  The flight will return to Taiwan with patients that need to be referred for medical services in Taiwan.

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