Koror elementary school 4th grade students in Palau and Leli Elementary School, Zhinan Elementary School, and Quchi Elementary School 5th grade students in Taiwan, concluded that 78 Palauan students and 55 Taiwanese students has joined this Palau-Taiwan distance learning project. They are not only completed three times online learning on Jan.12th, Jan 19th and Feb. 4th, but also exchanged photos and letters before they met from last December.

Palauan students were able to tell their friends about their favorite local food, sang couple of Palauan songs, show pictures of Palau famous sites, and videos of Palauan Traditional dance. In return, they were able to learn and experience Taiwan culture, famous dish, heard their friends sing their school songs and learn about their school life. It was a wonderful experience for all students. They really enjoyed the class and they really hope that they will have an opportunity again to have another on-line class with their friends overseas.

This project started from ThereforEd, a Taiwanese non-profit organization. They organized this project and cooperated Palau and Taiwan 4 Elementary Schools, National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan to hold five days camp, and also Taiwan Embassy, Taiwan Technical Mission, Mandarin teacher, Tunghsueh Chen, Koror Elementary School principal and teachers. With all cooperation and coordination, Palau-Taiwan students were given an opportune time to interact and learn about different culture and way of life in different country.

Overall, the On-line learning had a positive impact on our students’ education, and it helps in motivating them to want to succeed in school.

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