The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Affairs (JGA) yesterday confirmed that the panel will conduct an oversight hearing this July, to review the circumstances that led to DHL heir Larry ‘Imeong” Hillbroom avoiding a jail term for various drug charges.

Senator Kerai Mariur, chair of the Senate JGA Committee will probe into the decision made by the Attorney General Office (AGO) that led to a no jail sentence against Hillbroom.

Mariur said several members of the Senate also shared the public sentiment that the plea bargain made by the AGO was “unacceptable.”

Although Mariur has not announced the date of the oversight hearing, he said that it will summon the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General to appear before the committee to shed light on issues brought up as a result of Hillbroom’s sentence.

Hillbroom pleaded “No Contest” to a lesser charge of conspiracy to trafficking a controlled substance, in his plea bargaining agreement with the AGO office on June 25.

The DHL heir was sentenced to 10-year probation to be reduced to seven years if Hillbroom completes inpatient rehabilitation.

He will only go to jail for five years if he fails to complete the rehabilitation; pay a fine of $50,000; complete an intensive inpatient six-month rehabilitation, cost of which to be paid by Hillbroom.

He is also required to submit himself to a drug testing three times a week, a failed drug test non-appearance will mean jail time.

Earlier, President Tommy Remengesau Jr. and Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch expressed disappointment over the plea bargain.

The government said it has a zero-tolerance drug policy that Hillbroom’s probation was a setback to their continuing war again drugs.

Oilouch told reporters that when it comes to dealing with illegal drugs. “There is no room to negotiate with drug dealers.” (Bernadette H. Carreon)