By: L.N. Reklai

March 9, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Majority of members of the 10th Senate, in a sudden action on Thursday introduced a Senate Resolution 10-24 removing Senator Phillip Reklai as Floor Leader and installing Senator Kerai Mariur as the new Floor Leader of the Senate.


The resolution signed by Senate President Hokkons Baules, Vice President Mark Rudimch, Senator Frank Kyota, Senator John Skebong, Senator Dr. Steven Kuartei, Senator Uduch Sengebau-Senior and Senator Kerai Mariur states that it was in the best interest of the Senate to remove Senator Reklai as Floor Leader and install Senator Mariur as the new Floor Leader.

No other reason was stated in the resolution but according to Senator Reklai, he was called to a meeting before the session and was presented with the resolution.  He was told by other Senators that he has been accused by Kayla M. Iechad, Senator Frank Kyota’s staff, of making inappropriate statement to her and touching her backside as he passed her in the hallway on Tuesday.

Senators felt that this merits his removal as Floor Leader.  Senator Reklai was upset that an action was taken against him without giving him a chance to defend himself.

According to Reklai, he did pass Ms. Iechad on Tuesday morning before session as he was going to his office.

“I remembered her standing next to the Secretary’s desk, talking to the Secretary when I passed by.  The area is narrow with couch against one wall so I think I just told her to move as I passed by.  I never touched her. All I remember is that we were very busy that morning preparing our report on high-end accommodation bill for the session and I didn’t pay much attention to anyone,” asserted Senator Reklai.

“It may be just a misunderstanding on her part.  As I passed her in the narrow hallway, I may have brushed against her but I did not intentionally touch her.  I’ve always treated her like my own child as she is my classmate’s kid and so I just don’t understand where this came from,” he added.

According to staffs that were there, they didn’t see or hear anything from either of them. Senator Reklai’s staff who was walking behind him says she didn’t hear or see anything unusual and the secretary that was talking to Ms. Iechad  said she also didn’t hear or see anything.

“I would have seen him if he did anything or her reaction to him because I was walking behind him,” stated Reklai’s staff.

Attempts to reach Senate staff Kayla Iechad and other Senators for comments were unsuccessful. [/restrict]