On March 9, Vice President Raynold B. Oilouch held the first National Emergency Committee (NEC) meeting of the 10th National Government at the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) in Airai.


Vice President Oilouch, who serves as Chairman of the NEC, Vice Chairman – Minister Charles Obichang and members from key agencies such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, National Weather Service Bureau and Palau Red Cross Society among others gathered to discuss matters including the 2016 Drought Report, and finalizations of Palau’s National Disaster Risk Management Framework and the Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.

The National Disaster Risk Management Framework (NDRMF) outlines disaster protocol and procedures placing higher national priority for hazard mitigation, prevention and preparedness during times of disaster and disaster anticipation.

It also addresses and incorporates such procedures in correspondence with the patterns, affects and impacts of the unpredictability, severity, and frequency of natural disasters that Palau has been experiencing.

As an executing arm of the NDRMF at the community level, the Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Framework provides a platform for coordination, communication, education, and mobilization of disaster mitigation and preparedness within communities.

Additionally, the framework provides the capacity for communities to reduce their risks of disaster and identifies the necessary tools and methods to assist them in response to emergency and disasters.

Vice President Oilouch expressed his commitment and readiness to lead the NEC and NEMO in strengthening their capacities in implementing both frameworks and executing operations in emergencies and disasters. [/restrict]