MOH denies report on social media of Palau having the most obese in the world

By: L.N. Reklai

“We had nothing to do with the report on facebook that says Palauans are number one in the world in obesity,” denied Ms. Candice Koshiba, NCD Prevention.

“We, at MOH, give our final approval on any data or report going to any international body such as WHO and we did not give that information. We had done a survey in 2011 and we have just now finished the second one and we will be able to provide results to the public shortly,” added Koshiba.


During a press conference this week, members of the National Coordinating Mechanism (NCC) for Non-Communicable Disease (NCD), reported on what the Committee, which was created through an Executive Order, had accomplished to date.

“The National Coordinating Mechanism and the National Strategic Plan to Combat NCD are results of a mandate to address the growing NCD crisis in Palau. We have reached important milestones, such as identify NCD as a national crisis, create a body and strategy to address the crisis and now we are developing mechanisms to address and resolve NCD issues,” stated Mr. Kambes Kesolei, member of NCC.

One such mechanism is the call for concept proposals which garnered over 50 proposals totaling over $4 million dollars altogether.

The proposals from various groups and individuals are proposing programs aimed at eight categories that target NCD reduction, Physical Activity, Nutrition, General Education & Awareness, Youth Engagement, Alcohol & Tobacco Reduction, Disease Focused programs and People with Disabilities.

“The national congress and the President of the Republic of the 9th government made this possible through RPPL 9-57 which allocates 10% of Alcohol and Tobacco tax implement the NCD strategy,” reported Dr. Patrick Tellei, also member of the NCC.

The proposals will be reviewed by the selected Review Board and will be returned to the applicant with instructions on how to apply, what the eligibility requirements are and what reporting requirements are expected.

“Only about $1 million dollars is currently available but the applicants have submitted projects worth about $4 million and we need to make sure that the funds are spread equitably and fairly,” stated Kambes Kesolei, member of the NCC representing the Tobacco Coalition. [/restrict]