By: L.N. Reklai

September 23, 2016 (Koror)  A letter from Senate Vice President Rukebai Inabo as Acting President of the Senate to Speaker Sabino Anastacio yesterday, urged the House to take action on House Bill 9-203,22S, HD1, SD3, a bill that will clarify the language of the Continuing Budget Authority to allow issuance of State block grants and Social Security benefit payments.


The letter indicates that the House Conference Committee has met with Senate Conference Committee only once, but since then has not made any efforts to meet despite numerous efforts by the Senate Committee to have them meet.

Despite repeated words stating that she has confidence in the swift resolution by both committees, frustration is evident in the Senate Acting President Inabo’s repeated words in the inability of the House Committee to meet despite repeated attempts from the Senate.

“The Senate has been ready and waiting to act on the continuing budget authority for months.  It held a special three-day session last week to expedite passage of H.B. 9-228-15, HD1, SD1, another House bill addressing the same issue but the House has not yet acted on it.  The House is encouraged to pass that bill and send it to the President for signature as soon as possible if the House no longer wishes to participate in Conference Committee for HB 9-203-22S,HD1,SD3. [/restrict]