The senior citizens at the Division of Aging Center enjoyed Christmas luncheon organized by the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs. The day consisted of dancing, string band entertainment, and mingling among other fellow seniors.

When Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs decided to do a Luncheon, they had asked what the elderly folks would like to do on that day and they said they would just love listen to music and dance. So yesterday they had live entertainment and an opportunity to dance.

As it is Christmas time, the Division of Aging had asked PVA for donations of presents to the elderly and PVA provided Palau bags containing water bottles and fans with the flag of Palau inside.

Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs expressed their appreciation to PVA for their gifts, to House of Delegates, who individually donated moneyfor food and beverages, to Senator Frank Kyota who sponsored the string band and to everyone who helped made the day extra special for these elders.

Usually just elderlies from Koror join the luncheon but yesterday’s Christmas luncheon invited everyone from all the States to join.  The Senior Citizens Council helpedto informpeople from those States. Yesterdaymore than the average50 regular attendees joined the luncheon.

On regular basis, according to Division of Aging, elderlies in Koror are picked up daily to the Center where they spend the day weaving baskets, carving, playing card games and just mingling with each other. Division of Aging also provides breakfast to 55 home bound elderlies. (Kerdeu Uong)