December 10, 2019– Two PAN States, Ngiwal and Koror State, received two brand new 25-footer, 4 stroke boats with trailers from the Protected Areas Network (PAN) program at small handover ceremony last week.  The vessels were procured by PAN for use of both states in implementing their PAN management plans that include monitoring, research, surveillance and outreach.   Both boats were manufactured by NECO Yamaha based on consultations among PAN and member state needs that will help PAN convey official enforcement authority of their conservation sites and environmental regulations.

Upon handover of the boats, PAN presented the PAN Rangers Manual, that was endorsed by Minister Umiich Sengebau of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, & Tourism (MNRET), that now requires all PAN programs to follow standard uniforms, signage, and large assets set by PAN that include the standardized ranger boats presented to Ngiwal and Koror.

This hand-over is part of a bigger standardization project which is aimed at advancing and standardizing law enforcement presence and public awareness for all PAN sites. The project will establish uniform PAN visual signage to promote a professional brand image and convey consistent message about PAN’s conservation effort, make official enforcement authority clear, promote camaraderie, and create favorable profile of the PAN.

Present at the ceremony representing Ngiwal was Governor Ellender Ngirameketii, members of its Legislature, members of its PAN Board, and its PAN Rangers clad in their brand-new ranger uniforms. Representing Koror State Government (KSG) was Director Jennifer Olegeriil of the Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement (DCLE) along with Collin Joseph, Coastal Program Manager of DCLE, Joleen Ngoriakl, KSG Chief of Staff, and their State Rangers. Upon receiving the boats, Governor Ngirameketii, Director Olegeriil, and Chief of Staff Ngoriakl expresses their gratitude and appreciation for being able to receive their boats to help strengthen the work in and around their PAN sites.

It is the hope that this hand-over will provide clear responsibility and purpose for conservation and resource managers about their role as stewards of the environment who is charged with the conservation and protection of Palau’s unique biodiversity.