The Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (SKH) concluded its medical mission in Palau. Every year, a medical team from Shin Kong Hospital in the Republic of China–Taiwan visits Palau to provide assistance with medical care and services for specialized medical fields on June 16.

This year, the team provided consultation for four medical specialties: dermatology, gastroenterology, nutrition, and cardiology. The medical team consisted of Dr. Kelly H. Y. Thong (dermatology), Dr. Carol G. Y. Chu (dermotology), Dr. Chen Kuan-Jen (cardiology), Dr. Hsu Jung-Hui (gastroenterology), and Ms. Sunny T. W. Hsia (nutritionist).

Leading the team were SKH Deputy Superintendent Dr. Yeh Jiann-Horng, SKH Director of the Shin Kong Medical Program Dr. Chen Jong-Dar, and the International Health Center (IHC) Supervisor Ms. Karen Chang. The Taiwan Medical Program (TMP) Coordinator Lin Ching-Hwa, IHC Coordinator Melissa Te-Yu Lo, TMP Personnel Dr. Tom Tzu-Yang Chow, and TM Personnel Dr. Tim Cheng-Ting Wu also accompanied the team during their mission.

The SKH Team arrived on June 02, 2018. Clinics were held at the Outpatient Department (OPD) of the Belau National Hospital as well as the community health centers (CHCs) in Peleliu, Ngeremlengui, Ngarchelong, and Melekeok.

Over 700 patients were seen during the two-week medical mission: 253 dermatology patients (13 operations), 130 gastroenterology patients (24 endoscopies), 226 cardiology patients, 60 nutrition patients, and 142 CHC patients. The specialty clinics were conducted in partnership with local doctors from the Belau National Hospital. An ultrasound machine that had been donated by Shin Kong Hospital in 2015 was used to perform 172 ultrasound examinations of the heart and gastric system, especially for patients at the community health centers outside of Koror.

In addition to medical consultation, the SKH Medical Team also held medical continuing education sessions with health professionals at the Belau National Hospital. The lectures were held weekly and covered a variety of health topics.

The Shin Kong Medical Mission is a yearly visit made by medical professionals from Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, a renowned medical facility in Taiwan, has a current partnership with the Belau National Hospital and has provided medical assistance through specialist consultations & missions for over ten years.

In addition, the hospital has also donated numerous supplies and medical equipment in order to improve the quality of healthcare provided to the people of Palau. The yearly SKH Medical Mission are made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Taiwan medical Program (TMP) conducted by the Shin Kong Memorial Hospital. TMP is sponsored through a grant from the Taiwan Government.

The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to recognize and thank Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for its continued support through medical trainings, referrals, missions, and donated equipment. Your efforts continue to help the Ministry of Health improve the quality of health care provided to the people of Palau. (PR)