Taiwan Ambassador and Mrs. Wallace Chow signed the Palau Pledge to help protect Palau’s environment and culture for the next generation. The signing ceremony was witnessed by First Lady Debbie Remengesau, Airai Governor Rengulbai, Airai Delegate Kanai, Executive Director of Palau Conservation Society Bola Majekobaje, and community members.

The signing was Ambassador Chow’s gesture of solidarity in helping spread the message about how visitors can protect Palau during their stay.

The Palau Pledge is a direct outcome of two of the Marine Sanctuary’s six key pillars: Education and Awareness and Tourism Marketing. Created to link the larger PNMS objectives to both local and visitor communities, the Palau Pledge campaign was designed to help communicate the important role both communities play in preserving and protecting the Palauan environment and culture. Like the tradition of bul, the campaign aims to make enforcement of Palau’s environmental laws, everyone’s job. In addition, the Palau Pledge helps support and deliver on the promise of Pristine Paradise Palau.

The Palau Pledge was launched on December 7, 2017 and is now part of Palau’s official immigration stamp and landing procedure. Visitors are required to sign the Pledge in their own language in their passport to agree to respect Palau’s environmental laws and culture during their stay.

Upon signing the Palau Pledge, Ambassador Chow said, “The Palau Pledge is an inspirational initiative and one that I am honored to support by sharing $1,000 contribution. I hope to help spread the words about how special Palau is and how everyone can play their role in protecting it. As a Father myself, I care deeply about the kind of world my children will inherit and the Palau Pledge leaves a positive legacy – not just for Palau’s children, but for children in my own country Taiwan.” (PR)