Addressing an urgent need for pediatricians at the Belau National Hospital, Dr. MU Shu-Chi and Dr. CHIEN Yu-Hsuan were dispatched from Taiwan’s Shin Kong Hospital to serve in Palau from February 8th to March 8th 2017 at the request of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Palau.


Dr. MU, Chief of the Pediatric Department of Shin Kong Hospital, provided clinical services in both the Belau National Hospital and the Community Health Center for pediatric and neonate patients. Dr. CHIEN, who is specialized in pediatric cardiology and neonate care, performed cardiac echogram to several pediatric and neonate cases. In addition, both pediatricians conducted continuing medical education lectures at the MOH, aiming to improve efficiency and build capacity for local medical service providers.

The pediatricians’ coming to Palau at the request of the MOH was made possible through the Taiwan Medical Program, which coordinates the medical referral program, training and technical assistance between Shin Kong Hospital and the MOH.

Taiwan’s Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital started its service in Palau in 2007. The hospital is committed to continuing its assistance in improving medical conditions in the Belau National Hospital. [/restrict]