Lau Abend, The VOICE Australia contestant that recounted her near-death experience diving in Palau.

A contestant in Australia’s The Voice show recalled a harrowing diving experience in Palau in 2016 which she said became a defining moment in her life, making her pursue her dreams harder.

A singer and contestant 21-year-old Lau Abend in her interview during a blind audition on the popular contest The VOICE Australia recounted a diving experience she said she had in Palau in 2016.

While visiting Palau to dive with her family, a diving incident occurred where their dive guide got disoriented and by the time they surfaced, the boat has left them.  She said they floated for over 5 hours before the boat came and rescued them.

She said the near-death experience made her focus harder on her music, wanting to accomplish something more in her life.

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